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Does your business need a little more loving?  [VIDEO]

Have you fallen out of love with your business, or are you suffering from the seven-year itch?  

You know, in romantic relationships, they talk about the seven-year itch being a time when you start to maybe get a bit complacent with each other, maybe not, you know, sending so many sparks like you used to and you start to really think about, you know, is this what I really want?  

Is it working the way I want it to work out?  

Or is it time to put the energy and the effort back into it or maybe go look elsewhere?  

Well, it doesn’t have to be seven years.  

Because in business, this kind of ‘itch’ can take place after four years, it can also take place after ten years.  

But it’s a really great chance, if it’s been a while since you’ve looked at your business to think about, you know, who is it that you do your best work with?  

Who do you love working with and who do you just tolerate or put up with?  

Because even that changes over time, as you age, as you grow wiser and older, you start to appreciate different things, and in particular, in relationships.   

What sort of offer do you bring to the table?  

Is it delivered in the way that people want to work with you today,because even that’s changed?   

And are you allowing them optionsin line with the way that they want to work?   

Is it flexible enough to accommodate that?  

Or are you still offering something that you’ve been offering for the last ten years, and it hasn’t changed, but it doesn’t need to because it’s really working?   

These are only questions you can answer?  

How about your pricing, is it profitable?  

Is it sustainably profitable?  

And does it create enough reason for clients to take action and for you to want to get out of bed every morning to actually go and do the work that you do?   

Or is it time that you really need to refresh on some of these foundational issues that make any business successful.   

Because if you are going through a seven-year itch or a four-year itch or a ten-year itch, and it’s been a while, then what it might mean is a bit of a refresh.  

Going back and having a look at like I said the foundations, kind of like when you’re renovating your house, you still got to get the foundation’s right for the renovation, or it’s going to topple over.   

But maybe that’s what you need to do in your business?  

And making sure that with all of that you understand what it is that your client’s value. 

Making sure that you’re able to explain it, to demonstrate it and importantly deliver it on a regular and consistent basis so that you can: 

  • work with more of the people you want;
  • make a bigger impact;  
  • make a better profit, and;  
  • feel proud of all you’ve done because after all 

You are Valuable! 



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