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What’s your time worth? [VIDEO]

How much is your time worth? 

And right now, is such a beautiful reminder of what it is worth.  

So, what are the things that you’re doing, or your clients are doing?  

And to be honest, you’re doing it because you think you’re saving yourself money, yet in actual fact, are you really?  

So the Job Keeper payment and signing up for it is a beautiful example.   

So, I don’t know about you, but I thought my accountant had said he could do it for me, but I thought, “no, no, no, I’ll save a few dollars and I’ll do it myself.”  

Well, I started trying to do it myself.  

Some of it was quite straightforward, yep this is cool.  

Then an hour and an hour into it I was so frustrated.   

I didn’t know where I was.  

I got stuck on one part of it and I didn’t know what they were asking for.  

So what it meant was I still wasn’t registered.  

I was frustrated now when I shouldn’t have been, and I burnt an hour and a half of the time that I could have been doing something else.  

Anything else that was either going to be a better use of my time, maybe a better use of my time and spending it with my family, or maybe something more productive.   

Because at the end of the day for the couple of hundred, actually I think my accountant only charged $100 to set it up, but I tell you what, I’d like to think that I could have found more value doing something else for that $100.  

And I wished that I had have been reminded of that insideI mean I do this work all the time, I don’t know how I could not have thought of it.   

But I wish I had thought about that before I went and burnt an hour and a half of time to still not even be registered, only to then pick up the phone and say to him, “I need your help, I can’t do this, I’m going crazy”.  

So how many other clients are doing things right now that they could do, because well let’s face it, they can.  

However, are they going to get it right, or are they going to have to re work it 

Are they going to get frustrated, and to be honest, what’s that worth?  

And is their time, the opportunity costis their time best spent somewhere else rather than doing that?  

And this goes into anything that we din life.   

Things like why do we have a cleaner?  

We have a cleaner, not because we can’t clean our house, right?  

We all can.  

We have a cleaner, because we value the time that we don’t have to clean our house, and we can do something else more than we value the hundred dollars or whatever it costs to get someone to come in and clean your house.  

It’s exactly the same in your business right now.  

What are you doing to save a dollar, but in actual fact, it could mean that you’re doing admin work at $350 an hour? 

Because the time that you could have then gone out and done something else more productive, maybe come up with a different way to work with your clients or help them out or do some marketing to get more clients in the future?  

What’s that worth?  

But instead, you could have been spending it on doing something that someone else could have done cheaper or quicker, let’s face it.  

But you’ve gone and tried to do it yourself.   

So this is a beautiful chance and put my hand up for not realising sooner.   

But this is a beautiful chance to remember what is your time worth and thinking you’re saving a buck by doing something yourself might not actually be saving you anything in the long run.  

Have a think about it.  

Where could that apply to your clients, remind them of that as well.   

Because after all, you’re far more valuable doing things in the space that you’re best at.


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