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A great question to see what people really want [VIDEO]

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?  

Now that’s a common question that’s been bandied around for years and years and years.   

But I was listening to Seth Godin the other day, (whhoo major brain crush on him) but I was listening to him being interviewed by Tim Ferriss on the Tim Ferriss show, and Seth flipped that question around.  

And he said, instead of asking, what would you do, if you couldn’t fail?  

Ask the question What would you do if you could fail?”   

So if there was a high chance that that you weren’t going to get that result, or that outcomewhat would you do because you just absolutely wanted to do it, and you wanted to give it a go?  

You didn’t want it to be a regret in your life 

And I thought, what a cool way of reframing what was a common question.   

You know, would you still run that marathon, even though there’s a high chance you weren’t going to win it, maybe not even finish it?   

But would you still give it a go?  

Would you audition for the voice, even though maybe you weren’t going to take out the crown and win the overall voice competition, but would you still give it a go?   

And it kind of plays off that, you know, what are the things in life that you want to do, but you don’t want to regret having not done so you’d rather do it and fail than not doing it all 

Very much along that path.  

But I thought what a great question, you know, would you start that business, even though maybe it’s not going to be you know, the biggest, greatest success on the planet?  

Because it really does get down to determining, you know, something that’s very important that even if you fail, you’d still do it, then that’s when you can see where someone’s passion really lies.  

Anyway, I thought it was a great idea, a nice way to flip that question on its head.  

When you’re working with your clients and ask them what would they do even if there was a chance that they could fail and not get that result? 

Mind you I guess if they’re working with you, there’s a high chance they will, although what a great thing to ask anyway because after all, You are Valuable.






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