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A clever way to position your value from an optometrist [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (around 2 minutes) to help your business grow.  

If you prefer to read it, keep going.  

Today’s video is a clever way an optometrist positioned the value of their advice and how we can translate it into the professional advice space and help get clients on board.  


How much would you sell your eyes for?  

I know, random question, right?  

It was a question that was the lead of an add for an optometrist, and they were asking some random people:  

How much would you sell your eyes for?  

What are your eyes and your eyesight worth?”  

And, of course, the answer that most people said, “Well, I wouldn’t sell them for anything.  

They are priceless. I absolutely value them so much.”  

Then the optometrist was coming back and in saying,Well, if you value them so much, why aren’t you looking after them 

Why aren’t you coming in and having regular eye tests and eye health tests?”  

Really interesting concept, I thought.  

Translating that into the advice space or into the space where we provide expert professional advice, you know, that intangible stuff, and taking something that you look after.  

So, in other words, maybe saying to someone,  

  • How much would you sell your kids for?  
  • How much would you sell your dream home for?  
  • How much would you sell your health for?”  

Whatever it is that you’re in the market of actually looking after, asking someone how much would they sell it for.  

And more often than not, the answer’s gonna be, “Well, there’s no price that I would pay.  

This is so important to me.”  

And then of course, “Well, if it’s so important, why aren’t you looking after it?  

If the happiness of your children is that important, then why aren’t you protecting it from whatever life would throw at it? 

So, whatever it is that you do, it’s just a different take.  

Some of you probably already do this, I just thought it was quite novel.  

It certainly got me to sit back and look at this eye add going, “wow, that’s a really good way of making me self reflect on the importance of the health of my eyes and go and get that eye check.”  

So, translating that into your world, how could you use that kind of tactic to get people to understand what it is that you do, where you can help them for something they wouldn’t sell because they value it?  

Anyway, whatever you do with that, Make It Count.

If you want more goodness, here is a tool which provides some simple, yet powerful examples to help you explain how valuable you are and why clients need you on their team.  Click here for your complimentary copy.  


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