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Want to connect with people, use VIDEO! [VIDEO]

Today’s video is a sneak peek behind the scenes showing how easy it is to do video. It is one of the most powerful ways to get your message heard, on scale and position you to help more people. Which has got to be good for business, right?    

Iyou prefer to read it… see below. 


Kim: I get very excited and 

Travis: No. She doesn’t, does she? 

Alyssa: Is this news to you? 

Speaker 2: Yeah, I’m shocked. 

Kim: Which I like, I like… 

Doing a behind the scenes video or a film shoot like I’m doing right now is really important, because I want more advisers to understand the impact that you can have when you bring video into your business as a tool to grow it. 

So, a lot of people get really freaked out by and the minute I mention it… and, I do a lot of speaking about video and whenever I say, Who wants to know an amazing tool that you can use today to really create that connection with other humans? It’s second to none other than face to face.”  

And they all go, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell me, tell me.”  

And then I say, “It starts with V and ends with O and it’s called VIDEO.”  

And at that point, everyone’s hands go down.  

They freak out.  

That little black dot gets really scary.  

But the point is that besides face to face, and you can’t always be face to face, there is no tool more powerful today to really engage with clients on a regular basis than video. 

It allows you as well to do it on scale 

So, what are some of the things, some of the conversations you have on a regular basis, the questions that you have to answer on a regular basis, the things that you want people to know about?  

And you can do it once, and that same message can get across to so many people 

But the beautiful thing about doing it on video is one, the scale side of it, but most importantly, it shows who you are 

I can see you, I can feel you, I can get those extra senses that I wouldn’t get just with a written word or even a photo.  

So, my aim is to get more advisers using video because it is the best way to get a message out there to more clients and the best way to grow their business. 

So, this is me behind the scenes.  

I’m doing a behind the scenes at the moment.  

I haven’t even got my work gear on.  

Hold tight.  

I’m going to go and get changed. 


Now we’re in the kind of gear that I would normally do a video in.  

So, I really want you to see how easy the behind the scenes is.  

And, do you know what?  

I’m kind of like you.  

This is not my natural state.  

I don’t normally walk along with someone following me with a camera, but I know the benefit of it and that’s why I’m doing it, and that’s why I’m letting you in to seeing how easy it is.  

You just be you.  

You just have this little crazy black dot there filming you at the same time. 

And now, here we are at the very, very beautiful Albert Park Lake in Melbourne.  

And a new outfit change. 

Another great idea when it comes to video, so you’re not always in the same location, is to get outdoors 

We’re down at the beautiful Albert Park and we’re actually using a drone camera.  

This is really exciting because I feel like we’re in a Matrix kind of movie.  

But, don’t be afraid to get outside, to change the scenery, and do things that are a little bit different. 

Because it makes it more interesting to get your message across when you’re not just standing in the same place in the same locations every single time. 

Alyssa:As I was saying, it’s such a great chance to talk about the things that come up with people, why they didn’t want to do video.  

Such an internal process, an internal voice that stops people from being able to deliver great content. 

You were saying before that if people don’t say what it is they want to get the message out about, then we may never learn something really valuable, and that could be really upsetting.  

There’s so many people who have great value to give, but just don’t know how to do it.  

And so, that’s obviously where film can be a really incredible tool for that.  

But, we do have to get outside of ourselves to actually have that happen. Right? Have that work. 

Kim: So, why do you think people get so hung up on seeing themselves back on camera, and being so critical about how they look and sound?  

They know they’ve got a great message they want to get out there, but what do you reckon holds them back so much? 

Alyssa: It’s just such self-judgment and it’s just so much self-talk that they just need to stop.  

But, for some reason we are our worst judges.  

We are our harshest judges. 

Kim: Definitely.  

What you’ve seen today is some of the behind the scenes that take place when you do video. 

And it’s not as scary, well I don’t think it’s as scary as most people make out. 

But a couple of things is, one, you’ve got to get over you 

Remember, if you’ve got a message that you want to get out there, then you need to get it out there.  

Another saying I’ve got, too, is that video is like pizzaeven a bad one can still be pretty good.  

But when it comes to getting your video skates on, if you want to do more of it and you want to get out there so people can really get to see you, know you, like you, and want to work with you, then the only secret sauce is you’ve just got to do it. 

A big thanks to Alyssa and Travis – the guru videographers from Angry Chicken Media. Check them out here.


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