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Are you sabotaging your clients success?

If you witnessed or experienced a tragedy, misfortune or event in your life, and you knew that sharing it would spare others (or reduce the impact) from a similar fate, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to make that happen? It’s why we see so many charities and foundations established. They are usually founded off the back of someone’s misfortune and their insatiable desire to prevent the same thing from happening to others.  You have the power to do this too (just on a smaller scale).

I know many so many advisers that have incredible stories of pain, suffering, tragedy, illness, family battles, stupidity etc. that they are not sharing with prospects or clients. (I also appreciate not everyone is ready to share, that is a different story). For those who can talk about it, keep in mind that sharing your tale is a gift you are giving another person. You are providing them with an opportunity to create a different ending. You do not have to divulge every nitty gritty personal detail.  It could be one powerful statement of fact followed by the moral to the story.

Not all stories need to be tragic or sad. There are also many encouraging good news stories that can be just as powerful. If you ask my husband why he is a risk adviser, he now happily shares that he lost his father when he was 14, and thanks to being appropriately insured, his family were able to grieve properly and move on with their lives faster as they did not have the added worry of financial stress.  If that story helps his clients take out the cover they need, he is delighted that his story turned into a positive for someone else.

There is an overwhelming force inside humans to avoid (or reduce) pain and suffering.  And often it takes hearing someone else’s story to encourage us to take action.

If you are passionate about helping others, think about what golden opportunity you are keeping secret that could make a difference to someone else’s life. It is not exploitation, it is fulfilling a moral obligation to save others from an unfortunate (or fortunate) fate as you have witnessed or experienced yourself.

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