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Are you scaring prospects away with too much too soon? [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (around 2 minutes) to help your business grow.  

If you prefer to read it, here you are.  

Today’s video is around making sure you don’t overwhelm a new client with ‘too much too soon’ and have the relationship end before it began.  


If any of you have been watching that show on tv ‘Married at First Sight’ you’ll know that, you know, the reason some of those relationships work out is quite random. 

But the reason most don’t is… it’s too much too soon.  

Marrying someone at the same time as you lay eyes on them is very unnatural. 

And what we tend to do is replicate that in the advice space or if you’re a professional services provider. 

It’s almost like the first time you meet with a client you’re always asking to marry them or asking them to commit to marriage, yet we haven’t even gone through the ‘get to know you phase’.

So one of the tips that I’ve seen work really well is to step back and have a look at especially that initial engagement phase with a client and how are you making it less overwhelming and less of a big commitment right up front 

How are you helping me get to know you a little better?  

What sort of things are you sending me?  

What are you sharing with me? 

What communication are you having with me?  

Now this could be before I’ve even made that first appointment or maybe I’ve made that first appointment and what are you providing in between when I’ve made the booking and when I actually come in to see you that’s going to make when we do get together it not feel like a big oh my goodness I’ve got to commit to marriage and we’ve only just met.  

So have a think about it and have a look at your engagement process and really consider how can you take away some of the overwhelm.  

Break it down into some smaller chunks so that by the time I do get to the point where I need to make that decision to commit it doesn’t feel like I’ve just done it the first time we laid eyes on you and we don’t have to replicate that crazy Married at First Sight experience.  

So, whatever you do with that, Make It Count. 

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