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Avoid ‘pricing bitterness’ [VIDEO]

Here‘s something you probably want to avoid.   

And it’s pricing bitterness  

So that’s just my way of saying, you know when you set a price for a client, that you actually end up charging them, you know when you’ve charged too little, okay?   

Because over the course of the next 12 months when they pick up the phone and they ask you a question, or they need you to do something and maybe it’s outside of the normal scope of work that you do, or maybe it’s included in the normal scope, but you know you’re still under charging them you get that kind of bitter taste in your mouth, that feeling in your stomach, like, ahhh I will do this work, but I know that I’m not getting paid for it.  

Okay, here’s the problem, you set the price. 

Either you set it too low in the beginning, and there are so many of you out there who know exactly what I’m talking about.   

Or you set it higher and they negotiated you and you let them negotiate that price down.  

So now you’re operating from a point of, you know they’re not paying full price and you’re almost begrudging them when they want you to do something extra, or they even want you to do what they’re actually paying for.  

Because you know you’ve got other clients that you work for that you charge properly and that makes everything so much better.  

You want to give those people your attention.  

So really, the message here is just avoid pricing bitterness.  

Why would you bite into a lemon when you know it’s gonna have that hideous sour taste… and then wonder why when you bite into it, it has that hideous sour taste? 

Don’t do that 

So don’t price below what you know you need to change that’s profitable to your business and that’s appropriate and affordable to the client.  

And so that when they do pick up the phone and they need something, you are overwhelmingly delighted to actually attend to it.  

So avoid pricing bitternessprice properly.   

You deserve it and so does your client.  

Because after all, You Are Valuable


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