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An awesome way to help clients remember key messages so they stick [VIDEO]

Here’s a longer video this week (around 5 minutes) but it’s juicy and has a practical idea to help grow your business.  

If you prefer to read about it, continue on.  

Today’s tip is a clever way to help prospects and clients remember key messages – and it can be used at every stage in your engagement process.  

Want to know a really great way to remind clients of the key messages that you’re trying to get across either before you meet them, during a meeting or maybe just on an ongoing basis? 

Then do a screen recording of a presentation or of something that you want them to remember.  

So I’ve just been and done a mini presentation to a prospective client about potentially working with them… just a number of slides on PowerPoint and I went through it and answered some of their questions.  

I’m now sitting back at my desk and I’m going to redo that presentation on my computer, but I’m going to record my screen with my voice over it and create that into a video that I can then send them.  

And the thing about doing it after the event is, when I now record it, I’m able to answer some of the questions that they asked when I was there live with them.  

Now the beauty of this is firstly, for any of you who don’t want to get in front of a camera, you don’t have to. 

Because all you’re doing is actually recording what’s on your screen, literally what’s on your screen, but with your voice over the top so you don’t have to do what I’m doing now.  

You literally just have to record your screen.  

You could do a version that I’m doing now which will be specific to follow up the meeting that I’ve just had. 

Or you could do a version that you pre-record that you send to every client before they come in to meet you for the first time. 

Or you send every client after you’ve met them for the first time, maybe it’s explaining something like how you’re going to work together and the benefits they get.  

Maybe it’s something around your investment philosophy. 

Maybe it’s something around the process or the things that they need to do to prepare for or to follow up a meeting.  

Maybe it’s just something that you want them to remember after the meeting that got into a little bit more technical detail so you want to just remind them. 

But it’s a screen recording, it’s super easy and there’s a bucket load of software out there that you can use today to do it.  

Some of the software is free.  

Some of it you’ve got to pay for.  

My favourite is software called Camtasia.

Now I will put the details below this video of the different tools and software available.  

Like I said some are free, some you pay for.  

Some have limits like you can only record for five minutes, some you can record for a lot longer.  

And then that recording just gets converted into a video and I’ll jump off in a second, off the face to face and show you how easy it is. 

You then upload it to YouTube or Vimeo or Wistia, whatever program you use.  

Voila! you’ve got a file that you can send to clients… and like I said, follow up after a meeting, maybe it’s before a meeting so you send it to them in preparation.  

Whatever you do it is a brilliant way to help remind people of the message that you just tried to get across.  

So I’m going to stop here.  

I’m going to jump onto my screen now, record it to show you how easy it is and then I’m going to leave it up to you.  

[FYI: I’ve just left the face to face video and am now sharing my screen] 

Hello and welcome to my screen.  

Now I’m going to show you how easy it is to record your screen using screen capture software. 

So I use a program called Camtasia.

But like I said I’ll mention below some other tools.  

This is how simple it is right.  

So I pulled up Camtasia (I already pushed record, I had to show you this).  

I literally just clicked on record and pushed start.  

You’ll see a little red, it likes looks like a video real up in the corner, and everything now that’s going on, on my screen, is being recorded as well as my voice.  

So, if I wanted to now record a presentation that I did, I would literally pull up the presentation (and I’ve got one I prepared earlier).  

I’ll just go into ‘slideshow’ and there is my PowerPoint. 

So I would just walk through it, with my voice over, going through the slides one by one. 

And normally I’d never read what’s on the slide, I’d just add my own commentary.  

But it’s that easy. 

So I can show people exactly what I said, they can see the slides and off we go.  

Now, if I also wanted to, you know, say show them how to navigate something on the screen, everything that’s going on, on my screen right now, is something that is being recorded.  

It is literally that easy. 

Then when I finish I’ll push stop (I won’t now otherwise I’ll lose you) and then I literally go up here where it says ‘share’ I click on ‘share’ (as I said I can’t do it right now because I’m recording) I click on ‘local file’ and I just save it down to my normal directory and it saves it as an mp4.  

That’s a file that is really easy to then upload to Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia whatever program you use.  

Grab a link and then you can share it with the world.  

It is literally that easy.  

So just wanted to show you this is one of those tools that works a treat to help remind people of how valuable you are and remind them of those key messages that they’re not going to remember in the flesh.  

Anyway, I’m going to stop recording now.  

And I’ll see you in a sec.  

[FYI: I am now back speaking into the camera] 

Okay. So you saw how easy that was.  

Now over to you to give it a go and whatever you do with that Make It Count.  

Screen Capture Tools  

These are just a few of the tools that are available, however there are many more that may be more suitable for you. 

These two reviews of the best tools by elearning brothers and Top Ten reviews for the best screen capture for 2018 capture most of the popular screen capture tools.  


This is my favourite* for screen capture and I also use it for editing videos (and my view is if I can use it, anyone can).  

It’s around AUD$260 (one-off cost) – but I figure if that helps engage and educate more clients, it’s worthwhile.  

There is a MAC and a PC version. It was rated as the best of a top 10 in this review by elearning brothers.


It will set you back around AUD$72 ish. 

It came up as the best tool in this review by Top Ten Reviews for the best screen capture for 2018.


This is a great tool if you’re getting started with screen capture.   

There is a free version (along with a paid version) to download and use.  However, it limits you to 5 minutes of recording and the free version is a bit tricker with saving files. 

Here is a little more info if you’re interested.


You can also record your voice over a presentation using PowerPoint then convert it to a video you can share.  The instructions vary depending on what version of PowerPoint you are using.  

* ps. I do not get any kind of reward or recognition for the shout out for Camtasia – although maybe I should ask – just kidding.  

If this helps you in any way – that is enough reward!  


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