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Be helpful by hosting Q & A sessions [VIDEO]

I’ve been so blown away by some of the creative ideas that Advisers have been coming up with in this really mad time that we’re all going through at the moment.  

One of the best though, is a bit of a & A session. 

So I know there are those of you out there who I might have suggested videos are a great way to do Q & A, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  

So others are doing it where they almost doing it like a recorded or a pre recorded zoom meeting, but they’ve got someone else that they’re doing it with  

So maybe it’s another staff member, maybe it’s another Adviser, maybe it’s just a partner in their house.   

And they’re doing it where they’re both recorded, and they’re asking a question, or a number of questions that are the ones that clients are asking on a regular basis  

And they’re answering them. 

Othey’re answering questions that clients maybe hadn’t thought about, that they should be thinking about.  

And it’s quite beautiful because one it takes away that intimidation factor, I mean a live & A, you know, a regular webinar with a live & A, that would be the ideal.   

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but a pre recorded version, (cause the end of the day, if you don’t like what you’ve done, you can always delete and start again) pre recorded version is another option, and then sharing that out with your database each week.   

The other thing you could do is actually go out to your clients and say, “Hey, we’re going to do this Q & A each week, what are some questions that you’ve got that you would like answered?”  

Because guaranteed there’s another client somewhere that either: 

  1. had the same question they just haven’t asked it, or  
  1. they didn’t even realise they had that question, and BAM you’ve come out with the answer. 

So everyone gets to win 

And by doing it this way, doing it on a regular basis, clients know what to expect.  

And then when you actually send out the email to them with this recording, you could even say “the three questions that we’re covering off in today’s Q & A session are blank, blank blank.”  

And if they’re questions that are of interest to that client, then they can tune in and if they’re not of interest, hey, nothing lost for them.   

However, it gets them engaged and you become the source of the answers to the questions which makes you even more valuable in their eyes. 


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