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Be more helpful by sharing relevant tips [VIDEO]

Show your clients how valuable you are by sharing quick tips and answering common questions, so everyone benefits from your goodness.  

bet you’ve got lots of questions that your clients are asking you right now or questions that they’ve probably not even thought about in amongst all this craziness.  

Why don’t you, each day or each second day or each third day (if that makes you more comfortable)send them a quick little tip, something that you’re aware of that they need to know.   

Or, if you’ve got a whole lot of clients that keep asking the same question, then send out that answer to everyone or everyone that it’s relevant to as a quick little tip so that they all get to benefit from what that question was.  

It doesn’t have to be big.  

It can be one or two lines, but it really shows and proves how valuable you are at a time when let’s face it, everybody could do with an extra bit of love and care.   

So whatever you do with that, remember, be valuable, get that message out, do it really quickly and easily and you will be more valuable in your clients’ lives and you can bank some of that value for the future when you need to call on it


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