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Booking appointments to keep clients engaged [VIDEO]

One easy way to keep people mentally engaged on that terrific journey that you’re taking them through, is to make sure that at the end of every meeting or appointment you have with them, virtual or in the flesh, book the next appointment. 

Put it in the diary.  

And this is even if there’s some uncertainty around when you could have it.  

So for example, it might be after you’ve met them, maybe you’ve met them a couple of times, and you’re going away to put all the advice together.   

And you know that you might be chasing information from them, from other people, there’s work to be done, there’s delays…but if you’ve at least got that next appointment in the diary, then mentally as a client, I’m still engaged. 

As opposed to when we’re ready, we’ll give you a call and make the appointment.  

It’s better to have it in the diary.  

And this is whether the appointment is three weeks in advance, three months, six months, even 12 months in advance. 

Because when it’s in the diary, if it comes closer to the time and I can’t make it cause something else important has come up in my life I need to attend to, what humans typically do is I would then ring and reschedule  

So rather than having to ring and book the appointment, I’m going to actually ring and say “hey listen, that date’s not working for me, can we make another date?  

If nothings in the diary, and you’re ringing me to say, Hi, Kim it’s been 12 months, we need to put a date in the diary or it’s been six months, whatever it might be. 

There’s more chance that I’m not going to answer your call, there’s more chance that I’m not going to actually make that appointment.  

You know exactly what I mean.  

I’m sure we’ve all at some point in our lives not returned the call where we’ve had to make the appointment, even if it’s something we know that we need to do.  

Whereas if it’s in the diary, I’m going to pick up the phone and go “oh listen, I just need to reschedule.  

So one; it means it’s easier to keep that momentum going because clients are rescheduling, not, not booking.   

But two; it keeps me mentally in, that we’re still committed even if there is a reasonable gap between where we’re meeting today and our next appointment.  

Give it a go.  

So make an effort to never leave one appointment without the next one at least booked in the diary.  

I had one Adviser where what they’ve done is, if they left that appointment and didn’t put a booking in the diary, then they had to put $10 into a jar that went to charity.   

And they were quite conservative with their spending so they didn’t like doing that, even though they’re like supporting charity.  

But what it meant was that it kind of was a little competition to make sure that they always booked the next appointment when they were in that appointment.   

Give it a go, because you can only help clients if they’re engaged and they actually get to catch up and meet you.  

And after all, You are Valuable


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