Value of an Insurance Specialist

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To get started, watch this video for some things you need to know to get the most out of your Value of an Insurance Specialist – Client Engagement Pack.


Here’s to you engaging your prospects, clients and business partners so they understand the value of
and why they need you to help them make it happen!

How to use the different types of content contained in this pack.

1. Download and read the ‘Instruction guide’ in each section. This is important as it will explain how you can update the editable sections and ideas on different ways you can use the content.

2. Download the pdf or word version of each document and modify (where appropriate) as per the instruction guide.

3. Make a difference in more people’s lives as they realise the value of your advice!

What’s contained in your Engagement Pack:



A 6 page infographic (with a cover sheet and contact details) addressing some of the biggest issues/objections people have about using the services of an insurance specialist. A cover letter to accompany the infographic.


Five written posts you can use to help explain the benefits of personal insurance in human speak (no technical jargon or facts and figures) so they ‘get’ the underlying value. A choice of images to accompany the blog posts.


An Important Contacts sheet for your clients to record all the names and numbers of friends and family to call in the event of an emergency. A cover letter to accompany the important contacts sheet. Here’s to your success!


Blog Posts

Important Contacts Sheet

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