Here’s to enhancing your client relationships with your very own copy of the Client Engagement Skills Goodie Bag.


You now have at your fingertips a digital collection of 65 business-facing and client-facing tools and templates to help you streamline the way you engage with your clients.


The Skills Goodie Bag is structured around a proven six-step formula for a successful client engagement, and we walk you through each step so nothing is missed.


All the tools and templates are provided as a word document and a pdf to make them easy to use.


How to use the Skills Goodie Bag:

  1. Download and read the ‘How to use guide’. It will help you navigate through the templates and quickly identify what is available and how to make the most out it. You can download it by clicking here or in the grey banner below.
  1. Click on the process step below that you want to explore. Read the overview document first, then you can download each of the templates individually (or as one entire document).
  1. Add the content to your branded documents, such as letterhead, email templates or added electronically into your Client relationship management system (CRM). This can be a simple cut and paste job.
  1. Customise the content and language to ‘fit’ with your business.
  1. Use them to strengthen your client engagements and build a great advice business.

Here’s to your success!

How to use guide

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