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Get more ‘buy-in’ from risk clients… sooner [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (just over 2 minutes) with a practical idea to help your business grow. 

If you prefer to read about it, please see below.  

Today’s tip is a simple way to get more risk clients ‘on board’ earlier on in your process.   


You want to know a really easy way to get clients who are coming to you for the first time, when you’re looking after their protection needs, to get buy-in’ earlier on in the process?  

Here’s what you can do.  

When you send out an email reminding them of the appointment that you’ve got locked in, why don’t you also include in that email something that you’d like them to think about before they come.   

And this is what you’re getting them to think about.  

Ask them… I want you to think about who are the people in your life that you love the most and that you play a role in looking after or caring for. 

So you’re hoping that they’re going to think about their children, maybe their parents, maybe other family members or relatives… but the people that depend on them, and that they love and are most important to them.  

So just get them to think about it.  

Like I said doesn’t have to be any big deal but just pop it in the email, but get them to do that thinking before they meet you for the first time.  

Then, when they come in for that first appointment with you, the first thing you need to ask is:  

So tell me who those people are.  

Tell me who they are by name, but tell me who they are in terms of the relationship that they play in your life.  

So they might say, it’s my son and he’s eight and he lives at home or it’s my parents and they’re older and we care for them… whatever it might be. 

And then say to them; while we go through this discussion I want you to keep those people front of mind”. 

Because at the end of the day, what you’re doing when you’re looking at their protection needs, especially their personal insurances, is you’re helping set them up so that no matter what ‘ugliness’ life might dish up, that the people that they love most are going to be looked after. 

And there’s nothing more concrete than getting them to picture those people front of mind’ as you’re having the conversation around their protection needs during your meeting.  

So anyway give it a go.  

It doesn’t hurt.  

It can be really simple… a little one or two liner in an e-mail and just an extra sentence at the start of a meeting to really get that buy-in from earlier on so that the people or the clients that you’re talking to understand the most important people in their life, those people that they love, are what this meeting is all about.  

So whatever you do with that Make It Count.

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