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Help more clients understand what you do with a simple little trick


Here’s a short video (just a tad over 2 minutes) with a practical idea you can use in your advice business today that will help it grow.

I’ve also included the written version if you prefer to read it.

Give it a go – and make every minute count!

In today’s video I share how you can help more people understand what you do by using this simple little trick. 

If you want a really great way to help people better understand and connect with what you’re trying to explain, then it’s really beneficial to use a lot of examples, analogies or metaphors.

Using those things that are not necessarily in the industry, but that somebody already knows or is aware of that they can relate to or connect with, and then pulling that likeness into what you do.

So for example, I mean we all know the one about the personal trainer.

You know if you want to lose weight you’ve got to exercise more, you’ve got to eat less.

But we just don’t do it (or some of us do) not everyone does.

But that’s where a personal trainer really can come in. They can help put together a program that’s right for you. They can help you stay on track, they can help modify as things change in your life.

Very similar to how an adviser would work with a client.

So think about all the areas of advice, all the areas where you support people, and think about what else happens like this… that you could share with them, so that they can better understand.

This is really great especially for those who’ve never worked with an adviser before.

So if for instance you’ve work with a lot of engineers, what’s an engineering process that they use today, that they understand, that you can say, “so what I do is just like how you x y and z”.

So maybe it’s how you construct a big tall building so that it doesn’t fall apart, or that it doesn’t fall down when the wind blows.

Whatever it is, have a think about other things that can connect the idea or the concept to what you’re doing, it seriously will make a difference.

And the more relevant that ‘thing’ or ‘idea’ is your using to connect people to, that people understand, that’s specific to them and either their stage in life or what they do for a living, the more powerful it is.

Give it a go, really rack your brains for some different ideas, and you should notice an increase in client’s understanding of what you do too.

And that’s gotta’ be good for business.

So, whatever you do with this, Make It Count.


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