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Help people connect with you using a blooper video [VIDEO]

Here’s a short FUN video (around 2 minutes) which will make you smile and help your business grow.  

I share some of the off-cuts or the snippets of videos that I’ve made that didn’t get published.  

BEWARE: it’s fun and a tad silly but I’m sharing it… because it shows that even though I do a lot of videos, they are not perfect… because I am human.  

BONUS: It features 2 awesome clients of mine I roped into doing videos with me. They went way outside their comfort zone and showed their human side! And laughed heaps along the way.  

Sometimes it’s important to step back and let others in – to see the imperfect version of you.  

The real you.  

The human you.  

It helps people relate and makes you more approachable.  

Go on try it! I’d love to see your bloopers.  

Whatever you do with that, Make It Count.  

Ps. Bloopers videos are so easy to make… it’s just all cuts that are not perfect! 


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