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Here’s a nifty way to help people ‘get’ what you do [VIDEO]

You know how valuable you are – now let more people realise it too! 

Today’s video is a quick and nifty way to capture what you’re all about so people understand it, remember it and can easily share it.  

If reading is more you than watching a video, I’ve got you covered below:  



You are in the place where we are going to be talking about all things VALUE. 

Because I reckon you’re pretty valuable and I reckon you probably need more people .. the type of clients you want to do your best work with, to know it too.  

So the reason why I want to really make this whole video series about value is because at the end of the day you’ve heard the saying:  

“Value is what people buy, price is just what they pay.”  

And you think about it… people will find the money to buy things or to spend on things that they value.  

And you just need to think about anything in your life where, maybe it was a little bit expensive, but if you really valued ityou found a way to pay for it. 

And given the rough times the industry’s had, there’s no better time than this to actually get your ‘value confidence up, get some of those ‘VALUE JABS’ out there. 

And by a ‘value jab’ I mean: something that gets right to the heart of how valuable you are, and really get on and be the most Valuable Adviser you can be.  

So one of the things that you can do is to think about how can you help others get what you do more easily.  

Because honestly, when you provide advice, for those that aren’t in the industry, it’s pretty complicated, and they all have their own idea of what they think you do.  

So make their job easy. 

So I’ll share an example of what I’ve done in my business.  

So I’ve kind of been thinking about, I work with Advisers, and what they do, and who they are, and how I work.  

And I’ve kinda come up with a little bit of a metaphor where I’m like A VALUE DOCTOR 

So I’ll get in there, into your business, analyse you know, what are the problems, what are the symptoms, and then together work out a treatment plan.  

Maybe it’s a course of antibiotics, so something quick and easy that you’ve gotta take.  

Maybe it’s we actually have to work together and develop a treatment plan.  

Maybe I’ve just gotta give you a script and you’d go off and do it yourself. 

So I’ve kind of put those two together and thought, Yeah, that’s exactly the type of work I do in the value space.”  

Here’s the fun thing though.  

When I was growing up, I always wanted to be a Doctor. 

So I was a bit of a math/science nerd, so it kind of fit with what I wanted.  

When I was in Year 10, I went and did my work experience at Mona Vale Hospital, I lived in Sydney at the time.  

And they wanted to put a badge on us when we were going around to all the different medical departments, and it was to be ‘Student-Doctor’ and your surname.  

My surname’s Payne. 

So they said, “awh Kim, we can’t really call you Student Doctor Payne”… for obvious reasons, “can we call you Student Doctor Kim?”  

And it’s like, “yep, not a problem.” 

So, now me working out that I’m kind of like the Value Doctor, fits in really nicely with my surname being Payne and I’ve got a little one liner that goes with the Value Doctor which is: 

“With Payne, you gain.”  

My surname, Payne… you get it.  

Anyway, so I’ve started adopting this, been sharing it with some advisers and friends, and family, and they’re like, “oh wow, that’s really cool, and by the way I didn’t realise is that what you did.”  

So it’s already starting to get a clearer message across to those people about what I do, and who I do it for. 

So flip the tables, over to you.  

What is a little metaphor or a little description that you could come up with that could summarize and capture the essence, like a ‘value jabthat gets to the heart of what you do and who you do it for.  

So have a think about it, have a play around with it, and share it with me.  

I would absolutely love to know, because this is the place that I want to share all things valuable.  

I want to share with you, and I want you to share with me, and then I can share all of that with others.  

And together, we can all be the most Valuable Advisers possible. 


Ps. Want more clients? Here’s some inspiration to help more people realise how valuable you are.  

Grab a complimentary copy of this guide – ‘How to use value to get results. It’s worth it! 


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