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How are you being judged when it comes to your value? [VIDEO]

NOTE: You can check out the Value Formula Webinar I referred to in this video by clicking here 

Today’s video is about how people will judge you and make assumptions about you, rightly or wrongly, so you want to make sure when it comes to how valuable you are – any judgment works in your favour.    

Iyou prefer to read it … see below. 


So I’m sitting here, I’m about to do a webinar with Stuart Bell on the Value Formula and what it is, or the conversation that Advisers need to be having today when it comes to value.  

And in preparation, he asked me to think about where did my love or desire, or obsession with value come from.  

And it’s been a really good chance for me to reflect but I think the turning point for me was really when I was 28. 

So I know I only look 28 now but I’m not. 

When I was really 28, so back in the early 2000s I was an Adviser for a short period of time and I used to sit across from clients, predominantly older clients who had retired and it would always be the woman, never the man, which is interesting who, very undiplomatic would say to me, “Well Kim, you know what gives you the right to give us advice, you’re young and you’re female?”  

So after you know, acknowledging the fact that I was young and female and being quite proud of it, I realised wow, this is a massive stumbling block for a lot of clients to get past, especially back then because young wasn’t as big a deal but being female and young, there weren’t a lot of us out there at the time.  

And as much as while I still remained an Adviser, I don’t think I ever really nailed it, it made me constantly evaluate how we judge people and how if we can’t see value in something that we’re about to do and more importantly, now then, we don’t do it.  

Sadly it’s made me become an absolute disaster of a client because everywhere I go I’m always looking for what’s in it for me, what’s the value all aboutis this worth the money that I’m about to outlaycould I do it better elsewhere, or by myself? 

So as an Adviser, these are the things that you’ve got to get really, really clear so that as a client if I was sitting opposite you, I wouldn’t ever question your value because of your age or your gender, but I would be able to understand based on how you explain thingsthe type of work you do, the type of transformation that you could create that really, I couldn’t do this on my own as well as I could do it with your help, and that help is actually worth paying for.  

So, for those of you who are about to join me on the webinar, fantastic, for those who aren’t, it is being recorded and if you’re interested I will flick a copy out and you can see what you make of it  

Because after all, You are A Valuable Adviser.  


NOTE: You can check out the Value Formula Webinar I referred to in this video by clicking here 


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