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How board games help explain the value of your advice [VIDEO]

One of the easiest ways right now to help people understand the value of your advice is to use analogies and metaphors.  

And a great one that’s very relevant is board games  

So Monopoly in particular has been a game that our house has been playing a lot of.  

And it’s funny because when Covid started, we pulled the game out, it’s been a while since my husband and I’ve played and we started playing with the kids, the kids are 8 and 11.   

Anyway, within the first 10 minutes, my eight year old had wiped me out.  

Now, we had forgotten the rules.   

So he landed on Mayfair, which for those who don’t know, is the most expensive property on the board game.  

He bought it and I reckon within the next five minutes, had put four houses and then turned them into a hotel.  

So, I land on them within about eight or nine minutes, and I’ve got no money, we’ve only been playing for a short period of time, so I haven’t built up my own cash reserves, and all of a sudden, I’m out of the game.  

Now, for anyone else who does know monopoly, these games go on for a long time.  

And now I’m thinking, we’re 10 minutes in, what am I going to do while my family continues on with the game of Monopoly?  

And it’s such a beautiful reminder of what it is that you do as a Financial Adviser?  

Because firstly, you know what the rules are when you’re playing the game of life, right  

So you, you wouldn’t have let what we allowed to happen, happen.  

So you could have guided us throughout that journey around you know, when this happens, do this or when that happens, don’t do this.  

You know, all the guidance that you give  

Plus, as like any game of life or game of Monopoly, or Snakes and Ladders, there’s ups and downs, there’s twists and turns.  

There are things you expect and you plan, there are things that take you by surprise.  

It is totally a board game of chance, almost where sometimes you roll the dice and you get the result, other times you roll the dice and man oh man, you end up in a pickle.  

But to have someone sit with you, who knows how to play, who knows the big picture strategy stuff, but also the smaller kind of more useful tactical stuff, knows how to use them togetherthat’s exactly what you do.   

And your role is to help people continue on that game 

And keep going round and round the board.   

Keep going past ‘GO’, keep collecting money and spending it smartly.  

What a beautiful analogy to share at this point in time when board games have become so much more popular.   

But the point is that using a metaphor or an analogy, in particular right now, for not only existing clients but prospective clients, can be such an easy way for them to join the dots and understand the value of what you do and how you can help them live a better life. 

Because after all, You are Valuable!


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