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How to create a better impression before you first meet [VIDEO]

One of the best ways to get the most out of any meeting with a client is to have them really excited and prepared before they meet you for the first time.  

And the easiest way to do that is to think about what are all of the questions that they might be asking?  

Or what are the questions that they’re not asking, but they need answers to, before they come to meet you?   

And just grab a list, like write them down or capture them somewhere, you know, often you hear this called the FAQ’s, the Frequently Asked Questions, or the most common questions people ask, or the typical questions that people want answers to before they meet us. 

Capture them all.   

So, it’s things that they actually do ask, things like: 

what does it cost 
or how does it work?  
or what do you do?  

But what about some of the other things that they didn’t even think to ask that you could answer 

So how is this actually going to impact me or, you know, are going to just run off with all my money and take everything I own and never to be seen again?  

Putting some of these answers in front of them does a couple of things.   

Firstly, it prime’s them ready for the meeting.  

You’re equipping me with answers that I really wanted to know what it was, but you’ve done it before we’ve even met.   

So that’s really cool I get to tick a couple of things off mentally, in my own mind.  

Secondly, though, and most importantly, you make me think if I’m your client, you make me think you get me, you understand what it feels like to be on my side of the fence coming to see you for the very first time.  

And I know that because you’ve asked, or you’ve put in front of me answers to questions that I didn’t even know I had.  

It’s absolutely brilliant.  

So, in some cases you could put these answers on your website  

In some cases, they might form part of your welcome kit 

Maybe it’s just one of your introductory emails where you’ve got some of these questions.   

But really think about it, brainstorm all of the questions that clients ask or all of the questions that they should ask by virtue of them coming to see you for the very first time.   

Just gets that first meeting off to a better start and you can get into the goodness where you can really make a difference in their lives, even at the beginning.  

And remember, You are Valuable


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