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How to grow your business with confidence [VIDEO]

I’ve been coaching some incredibly smart advice professionals over the last couple of weeks.  

And what’s really interesting is how many of them are actually struggling with confidence 

Now, if you met any of these people, you’d be like, oh, my goodness, Kim, you’ve got fairies in your head, they don’t lack any kind of confidence.  

But all of them are trying to grow.  

They’re trying to grow their business. 

They’re trying to grow the impact they’re having on people’s lives. 

They’re trying to grow their incomes.  

And in all cases, it’s requiring them to do something a little bit different, to just step out of their comfort zone. 

Maybe it’s to have a conversation about pricing, which usually is an increase in pricing.  

And you know, it’s giving them the bubble in the belly… that’s making them nervous.  

Or maybe it’s changing the way that they bring their offer to the table.  

Maybe it’s they’ve got really difficult conversations they’ve got to have with staff. 

Maybe they’ve got to actually get up and present in front of a group of people.  

And Mel Robbins, this is a woman I’ve got major brain crush on, she’s kind of, you know, a motivational maestro, amazing woman.  

I was listening to an audio book of hers, actually recently, and actually quite a few videos and audio books.  

And she describes confidence as a ‘willingness to try’.

And I thought that’s such a cool definition.  

Because when you look at confidence like that, it’s not about being the best or having you know, a suit of armor that nobody can penetrate.  

It’s about giving things a go.  

It’s about saying, hey, yeah, this is scary.  

Yeah, I might budge or fudge the conversation.  

But I can do it.  

And I’m willing to give it a go.  

So what are some things that you need to do either in life or in business where you do need to grow, and you do need to do something that takes you out of your comfort zone, or makes you squirm a little bit or whatever, but you know, you need to do it.  

And if you look at okay, I can do this. 

I’ve got the confidence because I’m willing to give it a go.  

And think of it like an experiment 

So maybe it’s even that you got to put more stuff out there on your website. 

Maybe you’ve got to start doing videos. 

Maybe you’ve got to start communicating more directly with your clients and giving them your insights around what’s going on and what you think, and some opinions that will be of value to them.  

And you know what, just give that a go. 

Be willing to try. 

Be willing to put yourself out there.  

Because in all honesty, with all of these advisers I’m coaching, when they have given it a go, when they’ve had that harder conversation, when they’ve published something online that they didn’t think they could do.  

Every single one of them has gone, Wow, that didn’t hurt like I thought it was, I can do it.”  

And now they’re doing it again.  

So reframing confidence as a willingness to try (thank you Mel Robbins) and seeing where you could do something different and taking it from that approach…and see what happens. 

I’d actually really love to know.  

Because after all, You are Valuable! 


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