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How to help a client link their life to the value of your advice [VIDEO]

TIPIf you want a template to help you link a client’s life with your advice, please click here

Today’s video is a tip around how you can make it easier for a client to link what is going on in their life to the value of your advice – from their perspective.     

Iyou prefer to read it … look below. 


I’m coming to you from the Melbourne Convention Centre, where I’m just about to speak at the Melbourne version of MLC’s Professional Development Day.  

And I get to speak about how to engage and re-engage clients in this post-Royal Commission world. 

And one of the things that I’ve been talking about is how you treat relationships like you would any other normal, healthy, human relationship 

And really how you can create an experience where you put your human hat on and your common sense hat.  

And that involves things like keeping in touch with them, following up with them.  

And this sounds really obvious, but there’s still so many in our industry that doesn’t do the normal things that you do in a human relationship to keep it going.  

And one of the biggest things I’m talking about is how can you help clients join the dots between the stuff that goes on in their life, the things that are affecting them every day, and the advice that you provide as an Adviser.  

Because I don’t get out of bed in the morning saying, “I want investments, I want insurance, I want superannuation.”  

I don’t do that.  

Maybe some of you do, but most humans don’t.  

What they get out of bed wanting is to know that they can ‘do and have the things that are important and that they want to do; that they can enjoy the people that they care about; and they can protect and look after those that they love 

And yet, when we lead with, We do the investments, the insurance, and the superannuation,” I often say it’s kind of like going into surgery and just before you’re about to go under, the surgeon’s showing you all the tools that they’re about to use in the operation.  

I don’t know about you, but it wouldn’t make me very comfortable.  

And when we lead with all of the technical stuff, all the products, all the advice components, that’s what it’s like.  

You sharing with your clients all the ‘tools’ that you’re going to use to help them live a better life. 

So how can you have conversations, in any communication, in any documentation, help the clients understand all the things that could go on in their life, expected and unexpected, and how every single event has a financial decision or implication 

And that’s where you can help

So it sounds really easy, it sounds like everyone should be doing it.  

But they’re not.  

So anyway, bit of food for thought.  

And enjoy, see you on the other side. 


TIP: If you want a template to help you link a client’s life with your advice, please click here


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