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How to help clients understand the key message without confusing them [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (just over 2 minutes) with a practical idea to help your business grow. 

If you prefer to read it, keep going.  

Today’s tip is about the importance of helping clients understand the key message you are trying to communicate, without confusion or complication 

One of the biggest crimes I see a lot of Advisers commit is they write emails or communications to their clients and there’s so much information in there that seriously, as a client sitting on the other end without your level of understanding or expertise, I’ve got no idea what you’re trying to say.  

So a great example is I’ve just had all of my PI cover renewed and there’s a new guy looking after my account who I’ve never met before and he put an e-mail together with all my different types of cover, what they all mean, attached all these PDS’s and policy documents and everything and said “right-i-o… are you ready to go?”  

Honestly I’d like to think I’m a reasonably smart person but I have no idea what any of this meant. 

What I would have liked him to have said or to have started the email with is: “Kim, based on our understanding of the businesses that you run and the risks or the potential risks that you could face, the cover that we’ve proposed is right for you.  

It’s not too much it’s not too little.  

It’s within reason to cover you against everything that you need that could potentially go pear-shaped” … then he could have put all the detail.  

Whereas instead I was the one who had to trawl through it all and it didn’t make any sense.  

So think the next time you’re sending something out to your clients, what is the main point of that communication and put that right up the front. 

If the main point of some things that you’re talking about is to save them money, or the main point is to take some worry away, or the main point is to help their children saving for the future… whatever it is. 

Put that the very beginning then put the rest of the detail, don’t confuse me or overwhelm me with too much information, because if I don’t understand the message all I’m going to do is get confused and overwhelmed and do nothing. 

So anyway next time you’re doing that, go through it all, find that key message put it at the front and see how you go.  

It certainly can make a difference to how much your clients understand and how valuable they’ll think you are.  

Whatever you do with that, Make It Count.  

QUESTION: What are some other ideas you have that help clients understand what you are trying to say?  

Love you to leave a comment with your thoughts.  

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