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How to Keep Clients Wanting to Stay with You over Their Lifetime [VIDEO]

Today’s video is about the importance of providing different options for clients to engage you over their lifetime so you can continue to make a difference in their life. 

Iyou prefer to read it… see below. 


I was having this conversation just on Saturday night with a woman who is sadly battling cancer, but it was a really inspiring conversation.  

One of the things though that really stood out is when she was diagnosed and she’d had cancer and then had got it back again, but she was saying that when she was diagnosed in particular the second time, she was frustrated that when she went to see one of the top oncologists in the country, he basically said that this is the protocol that we’ve got to follow.  

This is the treatment that you need to have to combat the type of cancer that you’ve got. 

Anyway, she was saying, you know, having been there before, it wasn’t her first time with cancer, but she was saying that to the doctor, this doesn’t work for me.  

I don’t want to follow that course of treatment.  

There must be an alternative.  

And he was saying, well no, given what you’ve got, this is the only way that we can work together that’s going to increase your chances of fighting this and getting rid of it. 

And it was quite interesting because she didn’t accept that as an answer and as a result went off and has gone and done what a lot of people do and found an alternative way to deal with what she’s got and help her get through it over in China. 

Now the key point to this though, is that as life is changing and the world is evolving, often as financial advisers or accountants or whatever, we’ve got one way that you can work with us if you’re a client and it’s usually quite big.  

It usually involves a relationship unless you’re transactional, but there’s only really one way to work with us.  

But people are wanting options today. 

They don’t always want all of you… all the time.  

So what are you doing within your business or considering doing to still capture the type of clients?  

Maybe you’ve been working with them for a while, but maybe they don’t need as much of you in the same way that they’ve been working with you today. 

Maybe they need a little bit less or a lighter version, but how can you still look after them?  

How can you still keep them engagedkeep them up to date and in your loop so that when they need more of you, they’re going to give you a call, they’re not going to go looking elsewhere. 

But you’re also doing the right thing because you’re still keeping them with financial advice of some way, shape or form. 

And it’s a really interesting point because it certainly is the way the world is moving.  

We’re looking for more self-service.  

We’re looking for different ways that we can access value or tap into the goodness that you provide, but not always under the one traditional model that you might’ve been using to date. 

Now there’s a whole heap of different ways you can do that through online programs, through membership programs, through light’ versions, lower touch, lower cost versions of what you do.  

But what are the alternatives to working with you under the traditional model that still can keep me engaged.  

You still get paid, but the client still gets the benefit. 

Food for thought because you are a Valuable Adviser.  


One thought on “How to Keep Clients Wanting to Stay with You over Their Lifetime [VIDEO]”

  1. I have been trying to do exactly this – but it sure is hard working out from a cost vs value and what compliance will allow and best interests duties which state even if the client does not want the advice if we think they need it we should still be doing it (weird one that one). Would love to see more tips on the how to implement this.

    Thanks Kim

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