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How to make advice valuable by inspiring action [VIDEO]

Do you know why Yoda was so confident?  

Because he did a lot of teaching.  

Yeah, sure he did a lot of learning, but he spent a lot of his 900 years teaching others about the force and how to use it.  

And there’s a researched term for this and it’s called the Advice-Giving Effect 

I came across it on a wonderful podcast called Choiceology by a woman called Katy Milkman 

And a whole lot of researchers were studying the impact of what benefits you get from being the teacher, not just the student.   

And what they found is there’s so much learnings in being the teacher, as opposed to just being the student. 

And kind of thought about it and you know even in the school system, so we’ve got primary age school kids and when they get to Grade three (3), they give them a buddy in Prep, so a little teeny, tiny buddy.   

And it’s amazing to see how they can step into this role and really take on this advice-giving role, even though they’re only in Grade three themselves, so they’re still really little in young, but it’s really cute to see.   

And there’s so many areas in life that we can apply this and in particular in the advice that you’re giving from a financial perspective.  

So if you’ve got a client, for instance, that’s really struggling with say, their budget, then turn it around and then on them and say, “hey, if I was you and you were the Adviser giving me advice around how I could stick to my budget or how I could set up my budget, what advice would you give me?” 

And listen to what they say. 

Because just going through the process of articulating what those action items would be or what the steps are that they should take, makes it really real.   

And it almost is like taking some of your own medicine where they walk away and think, “wow, you know, I can do all that, I just told someone else to do it so maybe I can do that too.”  

But there’s a lot to be said when you’re actually able to let other people give you the advice, almost self-mentor, self-coach. 

It doesn’t mean that they don’t need you and your goodness, because they certainly do, but just using this as one way to help them realise that, you know they can take action and if they don’t take action, they’re not going to get the results.  

Because only advice that gets implemented or actioned is really valuable.  

And after all, You are Valuable





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