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How to make sure you get paid what you’re worth [VIDEO]

I mention a free template in the video to help you ‘Get paid what you’re worth’.  Click here to access it after you’ve heard the message.

Here’s a short video (around 3 minutes) to help your business grow.  

If you prefer to read it, keep going.  

Today’s video is about what clients need to know to help them realise how valuable you are and why they need to pay your fees… and so you get paid what you’re worth.  


Are you getting paid what you’re worth?  

Are you firstly, charging the right fee for the services and the value that you bring to the table? 

But importantly, are you getting clients moving through your process and not turning away, or not proceeding, just because of the fee? 

So firstly, it’s really important that it’s positioned as an investment in themselves. 

But are you giving them the kind of information that they need to understand the real benefits that you bring to the table?  

So outlining all of the intangible outcomes that you provide.  

Outlining what the process is that they go through, and I don’t mean just the step-by-step process, but what happens at each stage, what’s in it for them, and what’s involved really, really clearly… because one of the things that does hold people back is the fear of the unknown 

Then, are you using analogies or metaphors or examples or stories to help them understand?   

So, kinda like building a house… you’ve got to lay the foundations first; lay them right before you start getting into all the sexy, fun stuff of building a house. 

Same when it comes to your money.  

You’ve got to get those foundations right first, then you build upon them getting in to all the fun, funky stuff. 

Are you outlining all the benefits and the reasons for them to stay with you on an ongoing basis 

And I mean from their point of view, so the reasons why this relationship is something that needs to carry on.  

Just like you don’t get your car serviced once and then sit and forget, you need to have a relationship that is a close, intimate relationship that carries on throughout the journey. 

And are you explaining all of your advice concepts 

The investment planning, the tax planning, the accounting, the estate planning, the legal stuff; are you explaining that in a language that clients understand, so that when they read it, they go, “Oh, oh, yeah, yeah that’s exactly what I want.“? 

Okay, so it’s really important that you weave all of this kind of content into your process.  

It’s not just this only one document, but weave it into your entire process. 

Because that is going to make a much easier job of getting clients to carry through with working with you, staying with you, paying you importantly, and of course, referring you. 

And just on a side-note, if you’ve got to this stage in the video, I’ve created a template with a lot of this content in it.  

If you want a copy, just go below and click on the button, and you use that content how you wish, throughout your process to make it easier for clients to work with you, to understand your value, and for you to get paid what you’re worth.  

Whatever you do with that, Make It Count. 

Click here to get access to the free template to help you ‘Get Paid what you’re worth’.

Want more ways to help explain how valuable you are and how with your help, clients will be in a better position than if they were to go it alone. Click here for a complimentary guide.  


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