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How to turn up your Value volume [VIDEO]

Your actions speak VALUE volumes 

And right now, you want to be turning that value volume up. 

Which means what are all the actions, all the things that you’re doing that really show you’ve still got my back, you’re still in my court, you’re all over the things that are going on in my life. 

Because a lot of the crazy has settled, not over, but it certainly settled and I’m seeing that a lot of Advisers are dropping off their communications with their clients.  

But the thing is, it’s not the time to do that.   

Because right now, consciously or not as a client, I’m evaluating, weighing up how valuable I think you were. 

Were you there in my court, but are you still there right now?  

So I’ve been speaking to a number of Advisers over the last couple of weeks, and because they’ve been so busy, and they’ve not getting the kind of queries from clients that they were, they’ve really backed off their proactive communication and staying in regular contact with clients.   

But my comment to them is don’t do that.  

Because I’m still evaluating, I’m still weighing up you know, am I happy with you  

Like I said, maybe even subconsciously.  

Don’t let this be the time to turn that volume switch down.  

If anything, turn it up.  

Show me you’re still there.  

Show me you’ve still got my back.  

Be in regular communication and even if that is generic communication, even if it is a video or a blog, or a regular email newsletter or some sort of proactive communication to me, saying you get me and you understand me, still.  

You weren’t just here when the crazy happened, but you’re here for good.  

You’re here for the long haul.  

Just reading a book by Simon Sinek called The Infinite Game. 

And it talks about the infinite mindset of leaders who really are in it for the long term.   

They’re in it for the benefits well into the future, not just the quick wins now 

And if you’re stuck, you know, pick up the phone and we can have a coffee, we’re actually allowed to do that, so that would be really cool.  

Or we could just have a phone call or a webinar or a video chat  

Anyway, remember, turn up that VALUE VOLUME, you’re worth it, you’re valuable and your clients need to know it now more than ever 

Because you are Valuable.


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