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How you can help clients feel the difference you make EVERY year [VIDEO]

Today’s video is a simple way you can help a client reflect on the difference you make each year by comparing how they felt the last time you met, to how they feel today. It hits the important emotional chord.  

Iyou prefer to read it… keep going. 


If you really want to help clients understand the value of your advice on an ongoing basis, then one of the things that are really important to do is when you meet with them to help them reflect back on how they were feeling the last time you met. 

Because for some of you, it’s going to have been 12 months since you last saw a client or had any real deep and meaningful conversations with them.  

So help them remember how they felt 12 months ago.  

“So, Kim remember 12 months ago when you came to us you were feeling really stressed that your financial affairs were all over the place.  

You were really worried about how you’re going to afford to educate your kids, and you were really concerned that you didn’t know if you were doing the right thing or making the most of your money.  

And over the last 12 months, we’ve been able to do X, Y, and Z, and how are you feeling about those three things today?” 

By setting that scene and allowing them to reflect on the transformation that you’ve taken them on, and especially at that emotional level, that’s where the gold is and that’s where they sit back and go, “Oh, wow, yeah I did feel like that and I do feel like this today.”  

They will know the difference and it’s certainly something that you can do to help them.  

Because this makes it far easier for them to realiswhy they need to stick around and sign-up with you, and continue that relationship every single year.  

Because you do make a big difference in their life.  

You do transform them from their before state to where they are today, but often they forget, as do we, we forget, too.  

So if you can remind them of how they felt then, compared to how they’re feeling now, and assuming that that’s more positive now, then that’s where the gold is. 

And you are a Valuable Adviser.  


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