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How you package your offer, matters [VIDEO]

How you package up your offer and all the goodness that you deliver to your clients absolutely matters  

And it’s important that when you are putting your package together, that you understand how it is that clients want to work with you, how they want to engage you today.   

I’ve got primary school-aged kids and they’ve just had this school photos done, and this absolutely frustrates me.  

So in order to get a digital copy of them, which is all I want, I’ve got to buy one of their pre-packaged family packs.  

And in it includes a whole lot of photos that are pre-printed in the sizes that they come in.   

But here’s the thing, none of the sizes that they come in actually fit any of the photo frames that I’ve got.  

And they send those little wallet-sized ones, I don’t put a photo in my wallet anymore and I don’t have the option just to buy the digital photo.  

So one of the packs costs about $49 or there’s a $65 one as well.   

And only one of them can actually get the digital download.  

But the problem is, I’d be happy to pay, say $50, just for the digital download, because I don’t want to get the whole pack and then you have to throw half of the photos in the bin because I can’t use them.  

I don’t like having to just waste them.  

So it’s not even about the money, but it’s the way that they’ve packaged it up.  

They haven’t thought about how do people want to buy school photos today? 

In the past great, preprint them, that was fantastic.  

It actually saved me a whole lot of nightmares.  

But today, so many people want the digital ones.   

I want to be able to make up my own calendar.  

I want to be able to make up my own photo book, whatever it might be.   

I want to be able to go and print it off in a size that fits the photo frames that I have in my house.   

I know it’s only a small thing, but what it’s meant is didn’t buy any photos 

So they got nothing from me and I’ve got two kids at school, and they missed out on sales completely.   

And I know there’s a lot of other families who are in a similar boat to me.   

So back into your business, how are you packaging up what you bring to the table?  

Where are you placing the value?  

And do you knowhave you checked in with how your clients want to consume you, they want to work with you, and make sure that you cater for that  

Because at the end of the day, like I said, it’s not even about the money.  

It’s about the fact that it’s exactly what I want, delivered the way I want and it’s valuable in my eyes.   

And for that, I’m happy to pay.   

Keep that in mind when you putting yours together because after all, you are valuable


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