Lessons From A Legend


With the click of a button you now have access to this exclusive training from an industry leader, Malcolm Payne who made it to the big league and contributed to the extraordinary success of so many advice professionals.

He knows firsthand what it takes to build, protect and grow an advice business and from here on, this knowledge is all yours.

Tune in, listen closely and consider how you can apply the learnings to amplify the results in your business.

A PDF transcript of the interview is available below for download.

Leaders, always learn from other leaders to achieve greater greatness!

Here’s to you!  Kim

[vimeo id=127535606]

This video is ginormous so would take years for you to download, so we have embedded it here to preserve the memory of your device.  You can watch it here anytime you like. All you need is WIFI and your login details.

pdf  Here is a full version of the interview transcribed ready for you to download.


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