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Life after COVID-19: What’s next for advisers, markets and the economy?

As Australia looks to have successfully flattened the curve of coronavirus infections, thoughts now turn to how the economy, the financial services sector and the advice industry will be reshaped in the aftermath of the crisis.

Join a panel of industry experts in this exclusive webinar as they unpack the key take-aways from the last few months of social and economic upheaval and market volatility, and how advisers can emerge from this crisis with more engaged clients, a strong new business pipeline and recession-proof client portfolios.

Topics to be discussed will include:

  • Portfolio management implications of the crisis – how to reposition allocations and take advantage of a depressed equity market
  • Engagement tips for proactively managing client distress and confusion
  • Economic risks to look out for in the coming months, and how to position portfolios against these
  • Helping clients to navigate through the government’s series of COVID-19 stimulus measures
  • The impact of regulatory relief measures announced for licensees and advisers
  • How to attract new business amid rising consumer demand for financial assistance

And much, much more!
Earn CPD by watching this free webcast live and have your burning questions answered by our expert panellists.



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