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Make it really easy for new clients to find you [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (just over 2 minutes) with a practical idea to help your business grow. 

If you prefer to read it, keep going.  

Today’s tip is about the value of explaining how a new client can get to your office so they can focus on the things that really matter.  

So when a client’s coming to you for the first time, one of the things that you want to avoid is having them stew over something that’s not that important…like how are they going to get to your office.  

So I know some of you will already be doing this but I know that there’s a lot of you who aren’t.  

So when you’re sending out a communication to the client to confirm the meeting and get them excited about, you know, some of the things you’re going to cover and work on with them when you first meet… also I think about helping them stop wasting time thinking about how they’re going to get to the office and tell them.  

So explain, like documented in a one-pager or in an e-mail there are some different ways that you can get to us.  

And one might be driving, so if it’s driving explain where they can park, if there’s parking limitations or restrictions, if there’s a cost to the parking then outline it, put it in the detail. 

Or if there’s a tram stop near by a train station nearby put it in the detail.  

Because I don’t know about you but when I’m going somewhere for the first time usually the night before or a couple of nights before I spend my time looking at ok; how am I going to get there?  

Will I drive, if I drive where will I park?  

Is it going to cost me money?  

Make that pot really easy for them.  

So instead they can just focus on all the good juicy stuff that they’re going to be doing when they meet with you and the difference that you‘re going to be making in their lives.  

It’s really simple but I know a lot of advisers who don’t do it and those that do it, win brownie points.  

I even know a couple of Advisers where I put the VIP sticker on the carpark saying ‘Welcome Kim to your meeting with XYA or other Advisers who even at the end of a meeting say to the client, “and he’s the ticket, we’ve already covered the cost”.  

Ok, they’re just some little extras you certainly don’t need to go that far.  

But it is valuable to at least outline how they can get to you so it is one less thing they need to worry about. 

Ok, whatever you do with that, Make It Count.  

OVER TO YOU: How else do you make it easy for clients to get to your office? 

Love you to leave a comment with your thoughts.  

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