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How to manage your time and make clients feel important


Here’s a short video (teeny bit over 2 minutes) with a practical idea you can use in your advice business today that will help it grow.

I’ve also included the written version if you prefer to read it.

Give it a go – and make every minute count!

In todays video, I share a tip around how you can manage your time while making clients feel really important 

Do you pride yourself on being always available for your clients?

Or are you someone who sets some boundaries around when you will take calls, when you will return calls, or when people can just pop in off the street and see you.

Because the latter I find is actually the more successful.

If you’re in the middle of, let’s say doing some really heavy lifting when it comes to some strategising your clients’ position or coming up with a new idea for things that they can do to enhance their position, and then the phone rings, then what happens is that you get distracted from what you’re doing and you attend to the phone call. Which of course is what you would do when you take a phone call.

But what you’re saying then, is that this work that you’re doing is not as important as that incoming call.

What you’re also saying to your clients indirectly is ‘Hey, I will work on your stuff, but I’ll work on it in between phone calls, or meeting, or anything else when it suits me or when I’ve got a spare minute’ or ‘I’ll do it just before you come in so don’t worry, when you come in it will be okay’.

Now you’re not really saying that directly, but that’s what you’re inferring.

So instead, if you are working on that client account, and looking at their position or doing some strategy work or whatever it might be, just let reception know that right now you can’t take calls. Or put it onto voice mail… I’m not sure what system you’ve got working for you.

When you’re done with that work, then you can pick up the phone and return those calls and give clients 100% of your attention.

Because honestly if I was your client, I would much rather wait knowing that when you did call me back, you are going to get me everything that I needed and you’re going to do it with your full attention.

So have a think about it, be available, but be available within boundaries and limitations.

Because your clients will actually get a much better result and so will you, by the way. You’ll be far happier.

Okay, do it at what you will, but whatever you do, Make It Count.


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