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How to be memorable with clients and make them smile

Happy Easter - 9rok consulting

My business tip for this week is a video done by a VERY special guest.

He is best know for his starring role on Easter Sunday when he generously hops around and shares an insane amount of chocolate eggs with those who believe in magic!

When you are communicating with your clients, typically you are either being: Informative or Entertaining… or both.

And who doesn’t like having a chuckle while they are learning?

So even if it is as straight forward as letting your clients know you are heading off for a break, why not make it something they will remember – and put a smile on their face.

Our lovely friends at 3Genies convinced Easter Bunny to get creative and put together this fun little animation to remind clients you are closing to enjoy the break. Here it is:

It is something you could share on social media, send in your Easter wish email, add to your website or have it playing in your reception waiting area.

Anywhere you want clients to think of you, and smile!

It will get a more memorable reaction than a plain ole text email…..

Want to try it for yourself?

You can hop over to the 3Genies website and get your own copy to use.

Enjoy Easter and here’s to heaps of chocolate and smiles.

Ps. Just letting you know I am one of the co-founders of 3Genies…. so I am big fan of using animation to help make communication simple and fun.


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