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Money or wine? What do you value? [VIDEO]

My Dad’s always had a really impressive wine collection 

Wines from all over the world, different vintages, different decades, different flavours, types, you name it, he’s got it.  

But the one thing that he always does is he likes to appreciate it usually with a friend or a family member, typically more friends these days just after lockdown.  

But he really appreciates a fine wine, with fine company and also fine food, give or take.  

So, when my brother Clint, and I were in our early 20s, he sat us down one day, he asked us the question, “if I was to pass away, what would you do with my wine collection?”  

Anyway, without hesitation, I said, I’d drink it.  

Not all in one go obviously, but I wouldn’t drink it, I would appreciate it. 

In the same impulse and as quick I answered, my brother said he’d sell it. 

It’s probably worth a little bit, especially to someone who does appreciate fine wines.  

Anyway, didn’t think anything of it, a couple of weeks later, I said to him, “why did you ask us that question?” 

And he said, “I was just updating my will and I was just wondering, who would actually value the wine collection more you or your brother?”   

By the way, at this stage, I’ve got two younger sisters who are only in their early teens, so they didn’t even get asked the question.  

Actually, I’m not sure what they would answer, it’s actually a really good question.  

But I say to Dad“based on our answers then, who would you have left it to?”  

And he said me (Kim), because I was going to appreciate it.  

And it’s something that he values, he values appreciating a really good drop of wine with great company and like I said, great food.  

So not that he did tharight, firstly he’s still alive.  

Secondly, he’s appreciating all those lovely fine bottles himself so there’s probably not going to be any left. 

But it really made me think about how we differ in what we value, and how it can differ from one person to the next and it’s not the same for any two people.  

So, when it comes to your business and trying to understand what your clients value, no wonder it’s a hard nut to crack because it’s different for everyone.  

But it’s really great to be able to just think about what people value, to be able to ask them what they value, to be able to understand why they value what you do and get some more of those insights.  

I’m actually writing a whole book on it at the moment after studying this concept for about 10 years.  

So, if it was your wine collection and you had to make a decision whether you drink it or sell it, what would you do?  

I’d love to know, just out of curiosity, because oh wow there’s nothing nicer than a beautiful drop of one of your favourite wines, right? says me who values it.  

Anyway, whatever you do with it, I hope you’d enjoy it and I hope you would value it, whether it’s the money or the wine.  

So on that note, always remember You are Valuable




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