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How not to leave your clients out in the cold [VIDEO]

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Here’s a short video (just under 2 minutes) with a practical idea to help your business grow. 

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Today’s tip is about the simple things you can do to ensure a great experience for your clients and let them know they are not alone  


So I’ve just spent the day coaching a great Adviser who has amazing client interactions.  

However, one of the things that came out was the lack of extra attention given to the experience the client gets from doing business with them.  

So even down to little things like how many emails or how many follow-ups you provide the client or when there’s a gap and so maybe it’s when you’re off you know putting together the strategy and the Statement of Advice.  

During that time, how are you letting the client know that hey, things are still on track, they’re still going, hold tight we’ll be with you soon. 

But just not letting them sort of think, wow I wonder where things are at, because there’s nothing worse than having all these really intensive meetings and catching up with you on a regular basis and hearing from you and then all of a sudden having this blank sort of black hole where I hear nothing.  

There’s nothing worse than getting me a little bit offside or making me question, gee have I done the right thing?  

So it’s really important that you look at your entire end to end engagement process and think where are all the areas that I need to be more proactive in keeping in touch with my clients? ‘ 

So following up after every meeting, when there’s a space where we’re not doing much making sure that you’re filling that space with relevant and meaningful communication so that they don’t feel like they’re all alone. 

Because part of the way or part of the value that you provide is that you’ve got their back and they’re not alone.  

So make sure that they feel like they’re not alone at any time.  

Whatever you do with that Make It Count. 

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