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One way to help you become more referrable [VIDEO]

Today’s video is a really simple way you can make it more enticing for people to refer business to you.  

Iyou prefer to read it… see below. 


Do you get a lot of business from referrals? 

Or do you want more business from referrals from either existing clients or business partners, whatever it might be? 

He’s something, it’s only a tiny little change, but it might make a difference.  

See, most people when they refer, they’re not doing it for you.  

It’s actually not about you at all.  

And yet, most businesses position asking for a referral or position referring from their point of view.  

So they say something like, the biggest compliment that you could give us is to send a referral our way. 

And that’s fine.  

And if that works for you keep doing it.  

However, the reason people refer is not to help you.  

It’s to make them feel better because they can help a friend or family or colleague, get out and solve a problem that they’ve got that they don’t want, or get a result that they want that they don’t have.  

So that’s what really motivates referrals.  

And I don’t know what your own referral behavior is like, but I’m a big referrer. 

And I referyeh, it does help the business I’m referring, that’s great, but that’s a bonus 

I refer, because genuinely someone that I know, or I’m having coffee with or I’m out having a glass of wine with, says something and I think ooh ooh oohI can help. 

I know someone that could actually help you out with that problem or getting that result, whatever it might be.  

So instead of say, at the bottom of an email or a lot of communications where you have, “the biggest compliment that you could give us is to send a referral”, change it around and say something that motivates the client.  

So “If you’ve got any friends or family that would love an expert eye cast over their situation, we’d be delighted to see if we can help.”  

Just change where that request or where that positioning is coming from to be coming from motivating the client 

Or if it’s something specific that you’re doing, then use that.  

So “If you’ve got any friends that also wants to spend more time with their family and go on more holidays, then we might be able to have a conversation and help them out.”  

Just make it more about the referrer and the things that they could be doing that are going to make them feel betterbecause they’re helping people they care about. 

And if you benefit from that at the same time, double whammy.  

Because YOU are a Valuable Adviser. 


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