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The easiest way to get:
1. more new risk clients,
2. more business from existing clients and
3. more quality referrals from business partners

… is to better educate people around the value of protection and importantly why they need YOU to make it happen.

The Value of an Insurance Specialist – Client Engagement Pack is designed especially for you if you provide risk advice (either exclusively or as part of a broader advice offer).

It’s a ‘done-for-you, ready-to-roll,’ packet of targeted communications and tools that will educate and motivate people to take action and commit to engaging your services to sort out their protection… encourage them to stick around for the long term and inspire them to tell others about you.

Get all the benefits of a well-run client communications program without the expense and hassle with our Client Engagement Pack:

✓ Increase your overall engagement with clients
✓ Improve turn around and get paid sooner
✓ Reduce the number of policy cancellations and lapses
✓ Increase participation in review meetings
✓ Encourage referral partners to send more ideal clients your way
✓ Have clients call you first before making silly mistakes

If you nail all this, you’ll catch and keep all the clients you need to grow your risk business and make you proud.

To learn more about how The Value of an Insurance Specialist – Client Engagement Pack can help you grow your risk business, click here.

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