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A simple way to create advocates and grow your business


Here’s a short video (less than 2 minutes) with one practical idea you can use in your advice business today that will make a difference.

I’ve also included the written version if you prefer to read it.

Give it a go – and make every minute count!

Today’s video is about a simple, yet powerful question you can use that creates advocates and helps grow your business. 

Do you want to get more people spreading your disease?

Or put differently, do you want to get more people referring you and shouting out about why they need to work with you?

Then, here’s a tip that I think works a treat.

Go to all the people you know of influence. So whether it’s existing clients (of the type that you want more of), maybe it’s other specialists or professionals that are speaking to the clients you want more of, or maybe it’s people that used to be in that space.

So if you work with dentists for instance, then think about who actually is speaking to dentists, maybe there are some dentists that you know that have now retired.

Maybe there’s some industry bodies that work specifically with dentists, or maybe you’ve got some clients on your book.

Go out to them and ask them a favor, ask them (this is the key) this question If you were me, what would you do if you wanted to get in touch with more people like you”

It’s a brilliant question to ask because it gets someone really thinking about if they were in your shoes what are the things that they would do.

And the beauty of asking this is question is it’s human nature to want to reciprocate a favour or to do something. So when you ask someone as a favour “I just want to pick your brains” and ask, “what you would do if you were me?”

Not only will they try and genuinely come up with some great ideas, but long after that session, where you were actually asked that question, they will keep thinking about it.

So, if you are wanting to get more people referring you, more people out there ‘spreading your disease’ (in a nice way) then get out there and start asking the question “If you were me, what would you do or how would you do x y & z?”

Give it a go as I find it works a treat.

Most of the advisers I’ve got to do this are getting great results. See what happens.

Anyway, whatever you do with it, Make It Count.


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