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Social media posts to help clients understand your value [VIDEO]

Today’s video answers a question from an adviser around what type of posts to put on Social Media to more effectively engage their community and help people realise how valuable you are.  

Iyou prefer to read it… see below. 


I had a question from an Adviser who wants to know some ideas of the type of posts that they can put into their Facebook community.  

They’ve mentioned that they’ve got kids, all that go to the same local primary school, so they’ve got quite a big community of followers in their Facebook feed.  

But a lot of people don’t understand what it is that they do.  

There’s a real misconception around what a financial planner does.  

Or, a lot of the parents at the primary school think “that that’s just for rich people that have money”. 

So here’s the type of posts that you need to be thinking about, really in any social media channel. 

Is, what are the key issues, or challenges, or problems that the people that we’re talking about, so they’ve got primary school-age kids, what are the things going on in their life that they need answers to, or they need solutions, or help making decisions around?  

So it might be;  

  • “We want to go on holidays, can we afford to go overseas, or should we go to Phillip Island? 
  • We are considering what we do for secondary education. Do we send the kids to the private school or to a public school? 
  • We want to move, but do we actually move house, or do we renovate where we are today?”  

So, what are all of those questions, problems, or decisions that are real for the type of people that you want to take notice?  

Get inside their minds, and they’re the type of posts that you put on. 

And down the bottom in the text area, that’s where you can say, “If this is a question that you’ve got, or a decision you need to make, come on over and that’s where we can help,” or, “Let’s have a chat,” or, “Let’s grab a coffee.”  

Keep it real, but keep it all about the stuff that’s going on in their life.  

Because I am a parent with primary school-age kids, so this one’s a really easy one for me, because these are the kinds of decisions that are going on in my life.  

Or, decisions like, if myself or my husband didn’t come home tonight, what’s going to happen to our family?  

Or, if the hot water service blows up, (which mine did only a few weeks ago), there goes our holiday funds. 

The real stuff. 

They’re the kind of posts you do, because most people don’t associate you, as a financial adviser, being able to help them with their everyday decisions.  

You need to change that misconception so that, as they face life and decisions every day, suddenly they realise that you are the type of person that can help them make these decisions or solve those problems. 

I hope that’s helped.  

And whatever you do, remember you are a Valuable Adviser.  


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