Kim Payne is such an inspirational mentor and coach.

When I engaged Kim to help me work on my business I assumed that we would do just that – work on my business.  But before we could do that, Kim relentlessly made me question and eventually discover my WHY.  She reasoned that without knowing why we do what we do how can we improve what we do.

This WHY forms the central part of my business strategy, and everything that I do in the business to improve it must resonate with that WHY.

Under her guidance I realized that what I loved most, and therefore what resonated most strongly with my WHY, was engaging new clients, rather than servicing existing ones.

So by working with Kim throughout the whole of 2016 she has helped me increase revenue and reduce costs to the point that I was able to employ a full time servicing adviser.

This frees me up to do what I love and I could not have achieved this without Kim’s mentoring, patience, tough questioning and guidance.

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