Kim helped me fall back in love with my business again.

After running my business for the better part of 9 years as self employed I reached a point in my career where I was contemplating what next for the business?

It was at that point where I thought I really need someone who’s current, who understands current market trends and the direction this industry is hitting, and that’s when I reached out to Kim. It’s probably the best thing I did at the time because with Kim’s help I have take my business from where it was in a completely different direction. I knew I needed someone who was an expert in the industry but wasn’t necessarily tied to a dealer group or tied to a product manufacturer. Someone who could give me independent business advice and Kim ticked all those boxes.

It was a very easy decision to engage Kim because as far as I was concerned she is the leading expert in financial planning and helping financial planning businesses take their business to the next level. I think Kim is known for passion and energy and just giving people really solid good advice that you can actually use and implement in your business and get great results from it.

She’s helped me fall back in love with my business again and that’s probably the greatest thing I’ve taken out of our relationship.

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