We received a framework which has enabled us to adapt, be flexible and focus in on our strengths and move with the times.

We had started our advice business from scratch and were established as part of an existing accounting and taxation business to provide a comprehensive integrated range of services for our existing clients. We had had success and were getting good feedback from our clients that we doing a good job and our approach was sound but knew we had to do a lot better to make our offering sustainable in the long term and easy to replicate.

We were concerned by the many and varied service offerings around, which one was the right approach for us, changes taking place as a result of FOFA and also directly affecting accountants in APES230.

We wanted a way of doing business that would stand in good stead regardless of changes that were about to take place in legislation, by dealer groups or by professional bodies. We wanted an end to end process which included our strengths, filled in the gaps, that was profitable, sustainable and was understood and appreciated by our clients.

We not only received what we engaged Kim for, we also received a framework which has enabled us to adapt, be flexible and focus in on our strengths and move with the times. Kim provides coaching in the same way a good sporting coach manages to get the best out of a team to achieve success as a whole. Kim takes time in working out what your strengths are, what you are enthusiastic about, providing you with the confidence to play to your strengths and extend yourself into areas you would not normally venture. You receive a lot more than a “ Value Proposition” or a “silver bullet” approach to building a successful advice business. Kim’s approach is personal, engaging and enjoyable.

Whilst we have only just begun our journey, we now know which path to take and how to get there. We feel confident of our place in the financial planning industry, our ability to provide value to our clients and to build an advice business that provides a good return for shareholders but also a career path for our existing and potential employees.

I highly recommend Kim to you.

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