I engaged Kim after seeing her speak at a financial planning industry conference.  I was so impressed by her engaging and impactful presentation, I knew I had to get her working with our team.

Our business had always strived to deliver value to clients, but I felt we had stagnated and could be doing better.  So I invited Kim along to run a workshop at our annual company conference.

Kim’s energetic and fun style enabled her to build rapport with our team quickly.  She’s an expert facilitator with a real skill for making everyone feel their opinion is valued.  As a result, all levels of the business were fully engaged and sharing ideas, and we got so much value out of the session.

Kim keeps it simple and relatable, but the results are powerful.  She has helped us to view our business through the eyes of our clients, get clear on the value we provide and deliver it better.  She doesn’t just help us come up with the ideas and leave us to it though.  Kim ensures that plans get put into action, and has a wealth of tools and resources to make it easy.

The work we’ve done with Kim infiltrates through everything we do as a business and it’s so exciting seeing the results it is bringing.  The feedback from the team was outstanding and everyone is inspired, engaged and aligned on the same goals.

Kim’s passion for helping businesses is contagious and she is such a pleasure to work with on both a professional and personal level.  I’d highly recommend her as a speaker, workshop facilitator or business transformation extraordinaire!

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