Kim helped take what was already a good business to one that is now benchmarked in our industry.

I’ve been running a successful wealth management business for the last 7 years and deal with a variety of clients and employees with vastly different personalities, backgrounds and needs that all have their challenges.

Being responsible for providing clients strategy and advice as how best to manage and invest their money comes with huge responsibility and one we don’t take lightly.

In our quest to continually improve our business and service offering, to help our clients achieve their desired objectives and results, we engaged Kim.

Kim has been instrumental in being able to help take what was already a good business to one that is now benchmarked in our industry. The main benefits Kim was able to bring to our business was her ability to teach us how to communicate our knowledge and experience to our current and prospective clients in a way that was easily understood and valued by the client.

We are now clearly and confidently able to demonstrate to our clients how we can help them reach a level of financial and personal independence and comfort. This is achieved through the knowledge their investments are being managed by a team who acts solely in their best interests to achieve what they have told us is important to them.

At a business level, Kim helped me and my team clearly identify who we are and what our strengths are. Using her skills and experience she helped us develop processes and structures to improve our business and the service we deliver to our clients.

The processes and structures Kim helped us build have now become habitual in our business to the point where it is now just ‘the way we do things’.

Kim has the valuable skill of allowing you to vent all frustrations and issues faced within the business or with a specific client situation, and provide constructed feedback and options to consider. This allows you to work through each scenario or problem to a credible solution or resolution.

From Kim’s engagement with us at a business level I asked Kim to work with me on a personal level as my business coach to continue to challenge me, improve on my areas of weakness and to use as a valued sounding board on all issues I face at both a business and personal level.

I would encourage anyone who is looking to improve their business or themselves to meet with Kim for a coffee to gain a sense of how she could help take you and your business to the next level.

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