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The 3 best culture catchers with Tristan White

Tristan White is a husband to Kimberley and a dad to little Alexandra (born in 2011). He’s a qualified physiotherapist, Ironman triathlete, blogger and CEO of The Physio Co – Australia’s eighth Best Place to Work.From 2009-2012, The Physio Co has ranked as one of Australia’s 50 Best Places to Work and one of Australia’s fastest growing small businesses. The Physio Co helps Australian oldies stay mobile, safe and happy; specialising in onsite physiotherapy for aged care residents.
Tristan’s passion is to build a strong family culture and share what he learns with the world. The simple approach of obsessively living The Physio Co core values and attracting more people that do the same seems to be working for Tristan and his TPC team!  (The Physio Co will provide more than 100,000 physiotherapy visits to Australian aged care residents in 2012.)Tristan’s Culture is Everything blog was ranked by SmartCompany as one of Australia’s 25 Best Business Blogs in 2011.The video below is our short snippet of Tristan, you can get to know him further by subscribing to Tristan’s ‘Culture is Everything’ blog
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