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The best words to help clients feel understood [VIDEO]

Today’s video is about how you can help clients feel like you ‘get’ them by capturing the language and specific words they use in their everyday and using it across your communications.  

If you prefer to read it… see below.

So, when it comes to really understanding the language that your prospects and your clients use, you need to filter it through the beer test or the wine test or the coffee test, whatever your drink of choice is.

And think… if you were sitting down opposite a prospective client or a client and they were just describing what some of their challenges or problems are or some of the results that they’re looking to achieve in their life, how would they describe it if you were doing it in a more relaxed, casual environment over a drink?

Think about the type of words they would use.

How would they position it?

What context would they raise it in?

How much detail would they go through?

Particularly, what words though and language would be common when they’re describing this problem or this result that they want to get?

How is their body language, and how do you get a sense of that problem or result and how it’s making them feel?

And capture it.

Kind of put it into your memory bank, and then when you’re having your next conversation like this with a client or with a prospect, a real one, not over a beer or a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, then think about the language and how that came across when you were having that drink, and try and bring some of that communication into the conversation.

Because what it does is it makes the person on the other side feel like, “Wow, you really understand me.”

You understand this problem, not just from an expert perspective, but from a human perspective.

Most humans really, whenever they’re engaging your services, one of the key things they want is that they feel like you understand them, and you get them.

It’s going to make a much bigger difference when they’re deciding whether they work with you, stay with you, pay you, or get out there and refer you.

Cause after all…you are a Valuable Adviser.


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