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The little things that hold back business [VIDEO]

Do you ever make excuses?

So do you ever think, oh, I’m not going to go and do that pitch to that accounting partner that I want to do some work with, because I haven’t got my pitch deck.

Or I’m not going to go and try and get some new cair jordan 11 cmft low sac petite mendigote air jordan retro 1 mid casual shoes vanhunks kayak nike air max 90 LSU Football Jersey nike air max 270 women’s sale pepe jeans outlet Iowa State Football Uniforms blow up two person kayak max white shoes pepe jeans outlet blow up two person kayak nike air max 90 two people fishing kayak lients yet, because my website’s not quite finished, so I’m going to wait till it’s finished.

Or I’m starting a new business, but I need to get my logo, my my website, my business cards, my collaterals, I need to do all of that first.

Yeah, that stuff’s great, and it’s a nice to have, but it is not an excuse for not still getting out there and having the conversations and doing the work.

Because the brochure, the logo, the business cards, they don’t help you do what you do better.

Sure, they might aid in your attempts and your efforts at marketing, but they’re not deal breakers to stop you from doing the work.

What they do act as though, is naughty little excuses, that can get in the way and delay you from getting out there and having that conversation.

From ringing up that potential partner that you want to do some work with, and actually getting on the phone or having a coffee meeting with them, whatever it might be.

So I see this a lot where people are stopping themselves from doing the activity, because they haven’t got the support material, beautiful and polished, and up to the standard that they want.

Now, I’m a perfectionist.

Well, actually, I like to think I’m a recovering perfectionist.

So I love having the shiny brochure, the perfectly pristine website.

But what I worked out is if I keep waiting for these things to be perfect, they’re never going to happen.

Okay, because my bar keeps moving all the time and I keep wanting to improve it and make it better and make it do this.

So a couple of things I’ve been told over the years is firstly, progress, not perfection.

And again, that’s not mine.

And I don’t know who actually came up with that quote, but I absolutely love it.

And I had a mentor called Grace Lever.

And she always used to say, “Take Massive Imperfect Action,” which is take it, take the action and do it even when it’s not perfect.

Now, I don’t mean when it’s half done, okay?

Or it’s really unprofessional.

You don’t want to do that.

But don’t let some of these peripheral, the collaterals the polish on the website or that hold you back from getting out there, having the conversations and doing the real work, the real work that’s actually going to get you the results that you need.

Get you the clients, get you giving value to people who are willing and able and ready to pay for it.

Okay, so lesson that I’ve learned, a lesson I’m continuously learning, all the time I’m learning this one.

So if I can share it with you, and it can just be your “Get Out of Jail Free” card to get on and do something, without everything else being perfect, still professional but not perfect… then this is the sign for you to get on and do it

Because after all, You are Valuable!


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