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The power of asking, not assuming [VIDEO]

Do you ever make assumptions about what you think clients want, but not actually ever ask them? 

So, one of my sons is nine (9), and he plays in the under 10-year-old competition (this is AFL football). 

Anyway, they missed out on playing last year because of COVID, so this year getting back to playing is even more important.  

Anyway, there’s a whole heap of them, so there’s enough to make up three (3) teams.  

So I said to him the other day, this is before the team selection came out (because this is really important), but I said to him, “given they’re going to be breaking them into three teams, what would you prefer?   

Would you prefer to be in a team where there’s a whole lot of players and probably the skill level that’s greater than you, but it’s really going to push you and help you improve your skills and your game?”   

Or, I’m not saying this is an option, but I was just giving him these choices, o“would you rather play in a team where all of your schoolmates are, so all the kids that you hang out with on a day-to-day basis at school, you’re all playing together?”  

Or, I said, “is there another combination that would be really good for you?”  

And it’s interesting, because he came back, he didn’t even have to think twice.  

He said, “oh my goodness Mum, I would absolutely prefer to play in a team with all my mates.”   

So I said to him, “does that mean even if it wasn’t necessarily the best mix of team or it wasn’t going to stretch you the most, would that be what you would prefer?”   

He said, absolutely, hands down.   

Then I asked my other son who’s in the under twelves (12), the same question.  

And he really had to think about it because he wants to play with all his mates, but he absolutely wants to improve his skill level.  

So he was really torn because he really wants to be pushed and stretched and play a better game.  

But I thought what an interesting concept when it comes to business, and how often do we assume that the way that we’re working with our clients is the way that they want to work with us?  

Or maybe it’s how we’ve been working with them for so long, that we haven’t actually stopped to say, hey, is this still working for you, owhat about if we did it this way or that way, and having some alternatives for them to consider?   

Because let’s face it, like things have changed, and the way that we want to deal with people and interact with them, and in particular, get advice from them, might have changed  

So if you’re still relying on the way that you used to do things, or making assumptions, maybe it’s time to ask that question and just see what you get.  

See what it is that your clients want and how they want to work with you so that you can get the most out of it.  

Because after all, You are Valuable! 


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